For Now

HEAD, Geneva
This series of images works on the idea of looking at the world with compassion. In very everyday things there is often a quality that connects us, if we manage to look with an open, curious gaze. In this way we can perceive that an incredible richness surrounds us at all times and that the world is constantly connected to us. Photography allows me to share this with others and to perceive how similar we are, because we can realize « I know how this feels, I can share this feeling with you ». I feel that to mend and live with things that are broken is a deeply humane act. To witness something breaking, to mend it and to live on with the reminder inscribed in time –a scar, duct tape, ripped jeans, but also a memory, trauma–are all ways we are reminded of time passing. The first of the four Dharma Seals reads: « All compounded things are impermanent ». When we look at the images, this realization runs deeply through all of them. Whilst they can appear as pleasant to look at, almost flirting with the visual language of advertisement, a second look reveals a deeper layer: through all of them runs a feeling of loss. The images can be read as everyday–stilllifes. They inscribe themselves to the history of vanitas imagery. They go back and forth between beauty and sadness, talking about how these two are co-dependent. Because whatever we see becomes only more beautiful if we realize that it might be gone the next moment.