Tomorrow's Wind Blows Tomorrow

Gallery Bernhard Bischoff, Bern
For the first time, Galerie Bernhard Bischoff & Partner is showing works by the two artists Tashi Brauen (*1980) and Gian Losinger (*1996). Both grew up in Bern. Gian Losinger studied art history and sustainable development in Bern. He is currently doing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on installations at HEAD in Geneva and lives in Lausanne. Gian Losinger chose photography as the medium for his works. His pictures can be read as everyday still lifes. They inscribe themselves in the history of the Vanitas pictures. They oscillate between beauty and sadness. The works challenge us to question our previous world view and to open ourselves to a different, playful way of looking at and dealing with our environment. It is often everyday things that fascinate the artist, because there is often a hidden quality in them. «I try to look at the world with open eyes and an open heart and capture this attempt in pictures.» The poetic title of the exhibition ‹Tomorrow’s Wind Blows Tomorrow› comes from a poem by a Buddhist Zen monk. The two artists feel em- powered by the statement to focus on what today holds and excited about what tomorrow will bring. Everything is ephemeral and everything is changing is a central component of both artistic works.